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As a global hub for science and technology, the Swedish city of Uppsala is the ideal location for a forum on AMR research. Home to two universities, medical & veterinary research institutions, as well as several big players from the industry, Uppsala provides the ideal environment for creativity and innovation. We are pleased to now host the second Uppsala Antibiotic Days, a new space to contribute to the dialogue around AMR. The conference aims to bring together researchers, clinicians, students, and the community at large to present their breakthroughs and experiences with AMR. 


Our 2024 edition will feature keynote talks, short talks from selected submitted abstracts, a poster session, and much more! Seats are limited, so be sure to register before the deadline on April 1st.


Conference topics

Is this conference for you? Organized by thematic sessions,

the Uppsala Antibiotic Days will host talks on an array of AMR topics:

Drug discovery & Economics

After the golden era of antibiotics, we have been facing a dry pipeline for decades. Here we will examine what is the current situation of the discovery of new antimicrobial drugs and the aspects of financing and economics in this area.

Social Sciences & Education

With behaviour and human action as key aspects of AMR, we will talk in this session about how research on social sciences and education are part of the solution.


To ensure proper and timely antimicrobial treatment rapid and affordable diagnostics and strain analysis are needed. Here we will explore the latest research and innovation in this area.

The Future of Clinical Trials

With new drugs and treatments in the pipeline, how do we ensure a proper evaluation of their clinical relevance? In this session, we will explore the transformative landscape of clinical trials, with a particular emphasis on the future of evaluating new anti-infective agents.

One Health

Looking at AMR from a One Health perspective, here we will talk about the joint effort of various disciplines that come together to provide solutions for human, animal, and environmental health

Emerging AMR Pathogens 

New resistant pathogens are emerging, including new bacterial species, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Here we will explore resistance with an outlook to the future.

Keynote Speakers

Take a look at the confirmed keynote speakers for our 2024 conference


John H. Rex

Chief Medical Officer at F2G and editor-in-cheif of the

Marc Bonten 2020 - 2_edited.jpg

Marc Bonten

CEO of Ecraid (European Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases)


Katinka de Balogh

One Health Focal Point at the FAO Investment Center in Rome and former FAO/WOAH/WHO One Health Regional Group Coordinator for Asia/Pacific 


Professor of Coagulation Research and Senior consultant in Cardiology at Uppsala University Hospital. Former Executive director of Uppsala Clinical Research center, and current Secretary General of Clinical research at the Swedish Research Council.

Jonas Oldgren


Eva Krockow

Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Leicester, UK, and Research Lead for the Health and Wellbeing (with Ageing) Research Group

Former Chief Scientific Officer at BaseClear and R&D director at BioMerieux

Alex Van Belkum


Betsy Wonderly Trainor

Alliance Director & Lead of the Diagnostics Program at CARB-X


Oliver Cornely

Director & Chair of Translational Research at the CECAD Institute of the University of Cologne, and Scientific Director of the Center for Clinical Trials.

Annemarie Wensinggroot.JPG

Annemarie Wensing

Clinical Virologist at the University Medical Center

Utrecht and a Honorary Professor at Ezintsha, the department of Health at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg


Marc Gitzinger

Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of BioVersys.

More to come!



Uppsala Antibiotic Center



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